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Made just for you

Create a completely unique pair of made-to-measure spectacles or sunglasses. Pricing depends on the complexity of the design but is typically around £425 for an acetate remake and £725 for a completely new design. For more information, or to book a consultation, click below or visit the help section.

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3d printed bridge

We recently created what we believe may be the world’s first 3D printed metal bridge. And what a pleasure it is to meet you, future. Designed by our dear friend and long term collaborator Charles Duffy, the bridge was 3D printed out of stainless steel to submillimetre precision. It was then polished by hand on the front, and left with the original 3D printed surface on the rear, before being mechanically fixed to the handmade acetate frontpiece using four rivets. A thing of beauty, we hope you agree.

Paddle Sunglasses

oversized beauties

This enormous fellow is almost 160mm wide, and constructed from 8mm thick vintage acetate. He features a saddle bridge, paddle temples with scored tips, and a double dot pinned ‘NFW’ hinge. A true one-off, and quite the beast.

Flat Brow

bespoke sunglasses

A unique pair of oversized sunglasses, with a flat front and even flatter brow, completed with a low base flash mirror lens.

A Sixties Remake

the ganton

Our remake of a classic frame from 1966, worn by Twiggy and shot by Ronald Traeger.

Glorious Colours

of all manner and persuasion

A short run of spectacles in a wide range of custom colours.

Bespoke Horn

for stanley donwood

Made-to-measure spectacles cut from sustainably farmed water buffalo horn. For our friend and collaborator Stanley Donwood.

Custom Colour

cartwright in blue

Remaking our Cartwright frame in a glorious semi-transparent blue.

Strong and striped

A robust frame, for life's knocks

A strong yet elegant shape, complimented by a blueish grey striped acetate.

Celebrating Symmetry

for designer Mirja Pitkäär

We created this unique frame for Mirja Pitkäärt, a designer who studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the London College of Fashion. Mirja’s design eschews symmetry to challenge the traditional notions of beauty. As well as the asymmetric browline, we incorporated contrasting ‘lugs’, one rounded and one angular.

Bespoke Reading Spectacles

for tom dixon

Statement spectacles for designer Tom Dixon: an angled lens shape, flat bridge, and oversized ‘earjoy’ temples, made by hand in a ‘Quartz’ crystal acetate using custom Cubitts pins and wirecore.

A Delicately Upswept Silhouette

with a gentle browline

A custom frame, designed and crafted to our client’s exact measurements and specification. With a saddle bridge and gentle upswept browline, we’re rather please with the final result.

Thick and Straight Cut

One man's signature frame

A rather dashing, flat fronted shape with straight and thick paddle temples and hidden construction in Gentleman's black. Modelled from a pair of signature frames that, for many a year, has become a signature style for our American fellow. Like a tuxedo, only for your face.

Big Blue

Crystal acetate bespoke

A chunky but smooth frame in transparent blue, clearer than the Thames water. Big ol' blue features a deep saddle bridge and extra wide paddle temples.

Bespoke Spectacles

An elegant and square pair.

This slender made-to-measure rounded square lens style features a keyhole bridge, subtly angled outer rim and distinctive dropped lugs all in our Olive acetate. Completed with Cubitts custom pins, naturally.

Everyday Spectacles

Classic round eye

A small but perfectly formed, made-to-measure pair with a saddle bridge. The mottled colouring of our Agate is a fine match for this petite frame.

Frame for an Architect

Teal green worker

Inspired by a pair worn by British architect Edward Lutyens, this elegant, dropped lug, pair has been updated in a teal green acetate, perfect for it's modern day Architect owner.