07.12.2017 • Design , Packaging

Objects by. The Cardboard Box, by W MacCarthy & Sons Ltd

The humble cardboard box. 

If you're going to make one, why not make it fabulous?

Our bespoke presentation boxes are made by W. MacCarthy & Sons of Woolwich, London, packagers of over 135 years.

Using only two processes of bending and wire stitching, the boxes are highly robust and beautiful in their simplicity.

Find out more about our bespoke service, Rolled Gold made-to-measure and the St James's Collection.


24.11.2017 • Cubitts

Black Death Friday

To mark this most preposterous time of year, we're dismayed to introduce Black Death Friday - a limited set of four cleaning cloths (100 sets) featuring a quadtych of prints by renowned artist Stanley Donwood.

At £10 per set, every last penny will be donated to Stanley's charity of choice, Freedom from Torture.

The cloths feature linocuts of The Fleet Street Apocalypse and The Contagion of New Troy, 
a metaphor for the destruction of the financial system, 
as well as Hell Lane, a metaphor for Oxford Street tonight (possibly), and Nether, a surprisingly up-beat rendering of the moment just after the 
detonation of a nuclear weapon.

See the full set here

Black Death Friday
19.10.2017 • Cubitts , Photography , Design , CubittsWorkshop , CubittsxAlbam

Objects by. The Optical Jacket, by Albam.

In need of practical clothing for our dispensing opticians and optical assistants, we worked with Albam to create a set of optical jackets for our stores. Taking their SS17 Workwear Blazers in a stone cotton twill, each jacket has been updated at Albam's factory in Nottingham to include pockets for a PD and bridge rule, temple callipers, optical screwdriver, pencil, and notepad.

05.10.2017 • Cubitts , Spectacles , Glasses , Bespoke , Cubitts Bespoke , Spectacle Craft , St James's

Introducing the St. James's Collection

To mark the opening of our first Atelier at 68 Jermyn Street, we have introduced the St. James’s Collection. Comprising 16 silhouettes available in 175 acetate colours as well as horn, all the frames are made-to-measure and made-to-order.

Befitting their royal surroundings, each frame is exclusively designed and made by one of our master craftsman using traditional handmade techniques in our King’s Cross workshop.

The range draws on timeless shapes from the last 200 years. It is inspired by the streets and history of our atelier's environ, such as Whitcomb Street which gives its name to a slender rounded frame, whose aligned lugs and bridge which mimic the street that follows the line of ancient thoroughfare known as Hedge Lane which existed during the reign of Henry VIII.

Available for £425 exclusively at Cubitts St. James’s where your facial measurements are taken to adapt the spectacle sizing for a perfect fit.


Visit Cubitts St. James’s to see the full collection

View our range of spectacles

View our range of sunglasses

Introducing the St. James's Collection Introducing the St. James's Collection Introducing the St. James's Collection Introducing the St. James's Collection
27.09.2017 • Cubitts , Spectacles , Bespoke , Cubitts Bespoke , Soho , Spectacle Design

Welcome to the Peepers Show

To mark London Fashion Week, we produced a triptych of one-off, handmade frames by our craftsman in our King's Cross workshop, inspired by Soho's club culture and fashion subcultures.

Each frame is made up of bold shapes and colours, all featuring an overlapping lens construction and has been cut out by CNC and then finished by hand, taking up to 10 hours to produce each frame.

In celebration of our first store's environ, each frame is named after a famous venue from Soho's music and club scene, all of which have now sadly shut their doors.


  • MARQUEE (orange frame) taken from the Marquee Club, which used to be on Oxford Street.
  • MOKA (purple frame) taken from Moka bar, which used to be on Frith Street, the first coffee house in the country a famous hangout spot.
  • JOJO (pink/red frame) after the infamous Madame Jojo's, which only closed it's doors in recent years.


Find out about our Bespoke service to create your own one off.

Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show Welcome to the Peepers Show
20.09.2017 • Cubitts , Accessories , Design , Videos

Cubitts X Becky Allen

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new artist in residence collaboration with Becky Allen, an artist who specialises in beautifully intricate drawings, based on repetition. Becky has designed a quartet of accessories, 2 cleaning cloths, Concentric and Curve, and 2 exclusive silk pocket squares, Circle and Quarter.

Becky was inspired by some of the optical ephemera she found at Cubitts HQ. Particularly interested in the abstract optical diagrams and illustrations found within some of the books, she responded to their cyclical patterns whilst being inspired by the shape and form of the iris. Concentric and Curve refer to the dilation of the iris and optical equipment used in measuring eyesight.

Like our previous collaborations, we’re giving the cloths away to all of our wonderful customers over the past four years as a small gesture of thanks.

Simply pop into a store, give us your email address and choose a cloth.

The cloths are also available to purchase, priced at £5, with all proceeds donated to Becky’s charity of choice Kissing it Better, a charity who make a difference to the care of dementia patients and their carers within hospitals and care homes.

The pocket squares, limited to 100 pieces, will be available in our Spitalfields Workshop and online, for £10, with proceeds also going to Kissing it Better.

18.08.2017 • Cubitts , Cubitts Bespoke , Design , St James's

Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier.

We're rather pleased to introduce Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier.

Located at 68 Jermyn Street, between iconic British shoemakers Crockett & Jones and Trickers, we'll be rubbing shoulders with the world’s finest shoemakers, hatmakers, shirtmakers and perfumers.

Ain't she pretty?

The Cubitts Atelier will offer our ready-to-wear range but focus on bespoke spectacles and sunglasses, the unique St James's collection and water buffalo horn frames. From September, 68 Jermyn St will also offer eye testing, including a working optician area for dispensing, adjustments and repairs.

Designed with our longtime collaborator Studio DR.AW, 68 Jermyn Street takes inspiration from the street's past - using traditional materials, elegant detailing, and the skills of renowned craftsmen and women:

  • The handpainted façade was made by glass gilder Alex May Hughes, using a traditional Boston gild technique.
  • The facade has been removed and replaced by a traditional curved glass frontage, with hardwood joinery, and blue glazed tiles, referencing the area’s heritage as the home of gentlemen’s style.
  • The consultation desks have been made by furniture maker Max Woodall, from a material palette of walnut, brass and marble.
  • The walls are clad with walnut mouldings in contrasting tones, concealing an eye examination room, where our lovely optometrists provide comprehensive eye tests.
  • A Cubitts library ladder is a subtle reference to the street’s academic past.

We've incorporated subtle nods to former resident, Isaac Newton, the English mathematician and all-round mastermind. The floor tiles are bold geometric shapes with a tessellating design, a nod to Newton’s ground-breaking work into geometry. Two vintage phoropters hang in the curved window, referencing his seminal work into optics (paving the way for John Dolland to create the world's first acromatic lens).

Other details include an original Thomas Cubitt SW1 lease (from 1847), a vintage Gent’s of Leicester copper clock, and Cubitts chess board, handmade from walnut, ash and brass.

Cubitts St James's is open seven days a week, from 10am - 7pm (12pm - 6pm on Sundays). Please pop by and say hello.

Store images by Ed Reeve.

Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier. Introducing Cubitts St James's, our first Spectacles Atelier.
10.08.2017 • Cubitts , Bespoke , Photography , Design , St James's

Objects by. The shop sign, by Alex May Hughes.

For our new Spectacles Atelier (opening this month), we commissioned glass gilder Alex May Hughes.

The rich navy blue was colour-matched to a Pyrolave tile. Alex then used a traditional Boston gild technique, applying gold leaf to create a gloss stroke around the matte lettering.

To see more of Alex's splendid work, visit her website.

27.07.2017 • Cubitts , Spitalfields , Design , Videos

Objects by. The shop facade, by Ian Harper.

Our Spitalfields Workshop opened last year at 86 Commercial Street. To restore this magnificent building to its former splendour, we commissioned Ian Harper, a decorative artist who specialises in woodgraining and other decorative finishes.

Ian applied traditional woodgraining techniques to create an English oak paint effect to the facade, matching the style of the existing shopfront. Wooden lettering was then cut, painted gold and affixed.

A true artist and craftsmen, Ian has been painting for other thirty years, having graduated in fine art. His work includes the iconic Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and the the mural of modern Spitalfields in the neighbouring Ten Bells pub.

For more on Ian, visit his website or read his interview with Spitalfields Life.

13.07.2017 • Cubitts , Sunglasses

Cubitts x Sunspel

To mark our sunglasses collaboration, we produced a series of images chronicling the key stages of production.

Left to right, by row:

  • Riveting a frame. Cubitts x Sunspel frames feature structural plaques and hinges that are pinned in the traditional way.
  • Custom detailing. Milling grooves for the Sunspel crest, which sits within the temple tips of our five silhouettes.
  • Tumbling. Using a range of compounds, from wooden chips to pumice, the frames are left for up to four days to create a lustrous glow.
  • The peg. The staple of a handmade frame maker.
  • Bumping and grooving. Creating a nose 'bump' in the bridge, and a 0.5mm groove to hold its beautiful child (the lens).
  • Doming the pin. Using percussion, creating an elegant dome to create a fixed point between hinge and frame.
  • Scribing the pattern. Transferring the pattern of the frame onto the acetate using good old-fashioned scribe and chalk.
  • Sawing and filing. Cutting the front piece from the slab of cellulose acetate.
  • Glazing. The process of cutting and fitting the lens, all with UV400 Zeiss tinted lenses.


Large-scale canvases of each print will be on display at Sunspel's Soho store at 40 Old Compton Street store this Thursday, 20th July from 6 - 9 PM, with Cubitts founder Tom giving a talk on the production process.


Visitors will also be plied with free booze, to help them get through the more esoteric moments.

To confirm your attendance, email

View the Cubitts x Sunspel collection here.

Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel Cubitts x Sunspel