Spectacle Making at Cubitts King’s Cross

Spectacle Making at Cubitts King’s Cross
Spectacle Design • Spectacle Craft

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the budding spectacle makers who came to our sold out class this weekend. 

We’ve been lucky enough to open our workshop doors to all manner of talented people, from engineers and architects to accountants and editors, inviting them to turn their creative vision into veritable spectacles, and this weekend was no different.

Our trainee spectacle makers successfully scribed their designs onto acetate, cut them by hand and filed them to sub-millimetre precision, before finishing with a spot of bridge bumping, lens grooving and hand polishing too. 

This week we even had a full frame finished by a beginner’s hand. An unprecedented feat.

The next set of classes will be taking place in October, but are sadly already sold out. To be the first to know about future classes, sign up for our class mailing list by emailing spectaclemaker@cubitts.co.uk.